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Why choose Rento as a platform for the shared global economy

Rento proposes a global exchange platform for companies and individuals that allows the rental of underutilized assets.
Unlike competitors in the market, Rento allows the rental of any type of item instead of simply focusing on one category (cars, boats, vacation rentals).

The blockchain technology.

In addition, Rento takes advantage of blockchain technology to implement a reliable environment through smart contracts
Rento aims to introduce the economy of exchange in the daily life of people working in the world.
The Blockchain technology provides opportunities in the shared economy two to its immutable records, transparency and smart contracts.

The advantages of blockchain technology.

Introduce transparency: the shared economy is based on trust between the parties. It becomes imperative to maintain operational transparency within the ecosystem. With blockchain technology, creating a trusted environment for transactions.
Lower transaction charges: transactions to a chain of blocks cost less and are processed in a fraction of a second.

In traditional banking, transaction charges grow drastically in the case of international transactions considering forex conversion fees, transfer fees and remittance charges. Digital cash makes these transactions smooth, keeping rates low and transparent.
Limit fraud: blockchain technology avoids the manipulation of comments on the public listing platform. The open structure of blockchain allows a very limited possibility of fraud. In addition, it facilitates the built-in validation methods for feedback, which guarantees its authenticity throughout the system.
Risk management with smart contracts: smart contracts offer an efficient way. Smart contracts can guarantee payments and deposits while renting items, which provides protection against financial risks for the product owner.

The sharing economy’s .

The sharing economy’s explosive growth has astounded even optimistic market pundits. On the one hand, there are now many thousands of sharing economy platforms operating in almost every sector and activity around the world.

Back in 2009, there were only a handful: Zipcar, BlaBlaCar and Couchsurfing among them. Airbnb had launched in fall 2008, Uber in spring 2009.

“Access over ownership” is a shift that has taken root, as digital and mobile technologies make it ever easier to access goods and services on-demand. It is no longer a millennial preference, but a part of modern society.
At the same time, the sharing economy has lost some of its original allure. In the early days, it was rare not to have a conversation about how the sharing economy could responsibly mitigate hyper-consumption and truly build community connections.

These benefits have not disappeared, but it is increasingly difficult to find sharing economy platforms that practise these principles in reality.

The focus has shifted towards convenience, price and transactional efficiency: “community” as commodity.

Rento Main Features.


Everything you want just a click away


Millions of devices and products that are just lying around can be put to USE!


All your needs can be met by one interactive, intuitive App.

Profit from Rento

Find out what are the benefits of being a Rento Token holder!


We put security and safety of transactions above all else. That is why we are implementing blockchain into our system!

Cutting edge

All transactions will be done with cutting edge technology! Join us in a new era of renting and sharing.

Environment for business

We are creating a global network of business and clients. An ecosystem for the sharing economy.

Think globalACT LOCAL!

By developing possibilities for sharing, we are reducing consumption in the world. Rent out unused devices and make sure our globe is not being polluted!


Enjoy the luxury of having options. Don't limit Yourself. Rento - freedom of choice

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